120g+120g Permanent Wave Curl Curly Perm Cream Liquid Cold Wave Hair Perm Lotion Solution For Resistant To Natural Hair

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Product Details
Product Details

Organic Digital Permanent Wave Curl Curly Perm Cream Liquid Cold Wave Hair Perm Lotion Solution For Resistant To Natural Hair

Product Features

1、Elastic Curls: You can use both No. 1 and No. 2 to mix to produce firm, elastic curls that can move significantly.
2、Easy to Use: Use balanced regulator to prepare quantum perm to balance porosity and form a uniform and predictable curl.
3、Advanced Material: Our advanced conditioning neutralizer is infused with Moroccan argan oil, which can increase weightless gloss and luster, making curls controllable and healthy. No need to test curling or dryer heating.
4、Long Lasting: The delicate hair perm is very effective for ordinary or colored hair, producing long-lasting, clear curls.
5、Fragrance Free: The fragrance-free type hair perm is a must-have for home; a professional product that suitable for hair salons; neutral and does not hurt the hair.

Net content: 120ml * 2
Packing List:
No. 1 * 1
No. 2 * 1


1. Check the hair quality before perm;
2. Wash the hair with shampoo and dry it;
3. Trim the hair and shape it appropriately;
4. In case of damaged hair, please apply pre-perm care solution to the damaged hair for pre-perm protection;
5. Choose a suitable row bar, roll up the bar and apply agent 1 evenly, stay for 20-25 minutes for normal hair and 15-20 minutes for damaged hair;
6. Test the effect of curling, wash the residue of No. 1 agent with a bar for 3-5 minutes;
7. After rinsing, dry the water with a towel, apply No. 2 agent, leave for 15 minutes, wash with a bar for 3-5 minutes, then remove the bar and rinse the hair;
8. After drying the hair, blow dry, apply a proper amount of conditioner to the hair, and you can have perfect curly hair.
Note: When operating this product for the first time, please check the softening in advance, and check frequently to better grasp the potion performance.


1. For professional use only, wear suitable gloves and strictly follow the instructions for use;
2. Contain thioglycolic acid and ammonia, avoid contact with eyes, if it gets into eyes accidentally, rinse immediately with plenty of water or ask a doctor for treatment;
3. Do not use for children’s perm to prevent children’s contact;
4. In order to avoid skin allergies, put some cotton around the edges of the hair and scratch anti-allergic ointment;
5. People who have been allergic to perm should not use this product; if the scalp is damaged, please do not use this product.
6. Please wash your hands after each use;
7. Please store in a cool and dry place;

This product is for professional salon use only

Individuals do not place orders
Individuals do not place orders
Individuals do not place orders
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